DCC and Repair Service

Mark’s Model Railservices now provides a “limited backshop” for those special projects and repairs. We no longer install sound, gearing, or custom LED lighting. Most older brass steam locos benefit from the addition of a new motor, universal joints, and improved lighting. We still have the ability to do that, just ask. Prices vary from project to project, so use the contact us button and let’s talk about it to get an estimate.

Our goal on any DCC Installation or engine repair is to get the loco running well with basic programming. Advanced programming or complicated electronics are not what we do. As many parts for brass locos are no longer around, some modifications will occur that will affect the value of the model. We build-up and repair “runners”. Showcase models for investment should be left intact and not modified in our opinion. As the hobby has advanced with new engines coming from the factory with all the bells and whistles, we stepped back from repairing to focus more on weathering and building sales through our E-bay store.