Estate Services and Layouts For Sale

We Buy Collections of Scale Trains -and Clean Up Afterwards.

When a model railroader loses interest in the hobby, changes scales or themes, or passes on, there is often a lot of his or her collection to be disposed of. I have found that family members usually aren’t interested in “the trains” and of course the local modeling friends already have collections of their own. When the time comes, consider Mark’s Model Railservices. We are here to serve. We will make a fair offer for the equipment as collectors and as re-sellers. If you live in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Eastern Minnesota, or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, we have the capability to also remove or disassemble the layout itself in most cases.

While I consider all offers, I deal mainly in HO equipment. If the layout is to be removed, the homeowner usually orders a dumpster to be delivered to the address and I go to work filling it with the leftover layout benchwork, wiring, and scenery. It’s awfully tough to save sections of a model railroad for reselling, but the homeowner will wind up with an empty room, swept clean, once I’m finished. The job of tearing down a layout usually takes several days to finish. As each situation is unique, use the “Contact Us” page and I’ll give you an idea of the value of the collection from a wholesale point of view.

For my customers and friends, I also post images and information about their collection or layouts for sale on this page. Currently, we have no layouts for sale, but check back later in 2015.